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…And Now A Word About Twilight…

My feelings exactly.

It’s hard to explain the crazy, completely irrational, embarrassing, obsessive pull that Twilight has on a lot of people (an, okay, ME) but this is kind of a sigh of relief. So what if a book isn’t exactly high literature? So what if it’s totally overblown and overwritten and has a bit of a pathetic heroine, it’s a legitimately fun book to read.

And the movie’s pretty okay too. I mean, really, let’s just take a look at this photo:











Wow. Just wow.

More later!



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Hello! I’m a high schooler from the beautiful Pacific Northwest and I love love love to read, write, draw, etc. But especially to read. This blog helps me keep track of all the things I’m reading, and share them with others too!

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