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Five Quarters of the Orange and Chocolat



Cover of "Five Quarters of the Orange"

Cover of Five Quarters of the Orange


I recently read both Five Quarters of the Orange and Chocolat by Joanne Harris and they are both beautifully written and evocative books. FQotO is a somewhat darker and more mysterious novel, telling parallel stories of a french girl’s childhood and her later life as a small-town restaurant owner. Chocolat, on the other hand, is exuberant and celebratory. With its luscious descriptions of sweets, it seems to be begging the reader to taste every delicious aspect of life while it lasts. Throughout both books run deep veins of secrecy, mystery, wanderlust, appetite, and distrust. Mothers make delicious meals and carry dark secrets in their hearts. Daughters are wild and quietly mutinous. Judgmental neighbors look on with calculating eyes. The worlds that Harris conjures up are completely sensory, deeply absorbing, and intricately detailed.




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Hello! I’m a high schooler from the beautiful Pacific Northwest and I love love love to read, write, draw, etc. But especially to read. This blog helps me keep track of all the things I’m reading, and share them with others too!

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